Pain relief that comes fast & stays long!

1 OmegaShark tube contains 100ml of cream.
  • Relieves joint pain.
  • Alleviates back & neck pain.
  • Soothes tensed muscles.
  • Stops inflammations & swelling.
  • Reduces stiffness & cramps.
OmegaShark is a cream that relieves joint pain, relaxes tensed muscles, and reduces swelling & inflammation.
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Price: € 42.00

What is OmegaShark?

OmegaShark is a pain-relief cream that provides fast and long lasting relief directly at the site of pain without going through the digestive system. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties this formula is an excellent method for treating chronic and acute joint pain, sprains, stiffness, and muscle spasms and cramps. OmegaShark effectively relaxes various muscle groups, supporting joint health. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties OmegaShark relieves skin irritations.

How to use OmegaShark?

Apply small amount of the cream to the aching area. Massage gently with your fingertips until the solution is fully absorbed. Repeat 2-3 times during the day for optimal soothing effect and sustainable joint health improvement. Do not apply to open wounds. OmegaShark will not leave stains on your clothes and has no specific odor.